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J'ai pris la timeline trouvé sur goodreads, qui change la date du tatouage de Qhuinn et qui commence en 2006.ce qui est plus logique que de commencer en juillet 2005 puisque le livre est sorti en septembre 2005!enfin rien n'empeche d'écrire dans le futur!De toute façon si vous trouvez une autre timeline n'hésitez pas à la mettre, on pourra au moins rigoler de toutes ces incohérences.


Based on Butch's birth because it was mentioned in Lover Revealed that he was conceived in the big Boston storm (a fact historically happened) and that he was 37 when he was inducted, I made my calculations from there.
However there is a reference about 2008, when Qhuinn becomes Jonh's ahstrux nohtrum... and that's of course not right in my timeline.
So I had a choice to make: either I pretend that the 2008 is actually a print error and it's actually a 2007 or I pretend that Butch's mother was wrong about his conception. I went with the first option ^^

WARNING: This timeline includes all the events from Blood Vow (but not The Chosen). If you haven't read Blood Vow yet, please skip the last few lines at the end of the timeline!


Fritz is born in the service of Autumn's family

Darius is born

Darius transitions
Autumn is born?

Darius is sent to war camp

Tohrment is born
Darius leaves war camp with Ahgony, Throe, Tohrture and Murdher (probably the current Murdher's grandfather)

Wrath is born

Tohrment goes through transition and is promised to the firstborn female of the Princeps Relix

Darius meets Tohrment; nine months later Tohrment is inducted into Brotherhood
Darius and Tohrment meet Fritz for the first time
Darius and Tohrment save Autumn from the sympath

Xhex is born
Autumn kills herself and ends up in her personal In-Between

Wrath's parents are killed by lessers (Wrath was 22)

Wrath goes through transition

Vishous and Payne are born

Vishous goes into war camp

Vishous goes through transition and leaves camp (drifts, then functions as merchant heavy)

Xcor is born

V saves the current Murdher's pre-trans father
Vishous meets Darius and Wrath

Xcor goes through transition
Xcor meets the Bloodletter and follows him to the War Camp because he thinks he's his father.

1756-1760 ?
Throe's sister dies (or disappears, it's still not clear)
Throe and Xcor meet.

Payne kills The Bloodletter

Phury and Zsadist are born
Zsadist is abducted

Zsadist is sold into slavery

Wellesandra is born

Phury and Zsadist go through transition

Wellesandra goes through transition

Tohrment and Wellsie are mated

Rhage is born

Rhage goes through transition

Phury rescues Zsadist from the Mistress
Rhage joins the Brotherhood, kills owl and is cursed by Scribe Virgin with the beast

Selena is born?

Zsadist and Phury meet Wrath

Phury on his deathbed-Z gets Darius, who contacts Wrath for last rites (Phury survives)
Phury and Zsadist are inducted into the Brotherhood

The Sanctuary is raided and the Primale is killed. The Scribe Virgin seals the entrance.
Cormia is born?

Dr. Manuel Manello is born


Butch O’Neal is born. He's conceived during the 1969 Boston Blizzard (historically February 8th-10th)

Jane Whitcomb is born (She's 33 in Lover Unbound)

Mary Madonna Luce is born

Beth Randall is born

Rehvenge saves Xhex and Murhder from the sympath's colony and strikes a deal with the Princess

John Matthew (Darius new incarnation) is planted by the Scribe Virgin as a newborn infant in a bus station


Mr.X kills Darius
Wrath and Beth are mated

Wrath heals from the gunshot.

The Brotherhood goes living into the Compound

Rhage and Mary are mated
Layla appears for the first time to feed Rhage
Bella is kidnapped by Mr.O

Zsadist saves Bella and they fall in love.
Wellesandra is killed.
Tohrment disappears.


Bella tells Zsadist she's pregnant and they're mated.

Butch is taken by the lessers and infected by the Omega.
Blay goes through transition
Butch turns into a Vampire
Butch is inducted into the Brotherhood (He's 37)
Butch and Marissa are mated.

Qhuinn goes through transition
Lash goes through transition
John Matthew goes through transition
Vishous and Jane are mated
Phury becomes the Primale

The lessers raid the vampires. Lash leads them.

Qhuinn becomes John's ahstrux nohtrum
Lassiter brings Tohrment back to the Brotherhood
Phury stops taking drugs
The Scribe Virgin frees Payne from her frozen state

Nalla is born. Phury has been in rehab for a month.
Phury and Cormia are mated.

In the first monday of December Rehvenge begins his journey with Ehlena, at the clinic
Wrath goes definitely blind
Wrath meets Payne and they start sparring together
Tohrment begins to recover from Wellsie's death
First appearance of Saxton


Rehvenge and Ehlena are mated
Lash kidnaps Xhex

Xhex escapes
Qhuinn starts teaching Layla about sex
Blay and Saxton begin their relationship
Payne is injured while fighting with Wrath
Xhex kills Lash
Xhex sees Murdher on tv
Xhex and John Matthew are mated
Autumn leaves the Sanctuary to stay with her daughter and meets Tohrment again

Manuel Manello is brought into the Compound to heal Payne.
Xcor and his Band of Bastards arrive in Caldwell
Qhuinn and Layla become close friends
Xcor starts planning to dethrone or kill Wrath
Manny and Butch find out they are half brothers
Manny and Payne are mated 

Assail appears for the first time, dealing drugs. He will escalate until he deals with the lessers.
Xcor stabs Throe to send him into the Compound
Xcor saves Tohrment during a fight with the lessers (nobody knows)
Throe meets Layla at the Compound

Wrath gets shot at Assail's house
Xcor meets Layla for the first time
Wrath promises that Tohr will be the only one who kills Xcor 
Beth gets pregnant with LW but she doesn't know yet

Autumn goes into her needing
Layla finds out from Qhuinn who Throe and Xcor are
Layla goes into her needing and Qhuinn services her
Layla helps Xhex locate Xcor
Xhex finds the rifle used to shoot Wrath
Tohrment and John Matthew performs Wellesandra's Fade ceremony
Tohrment and Autumn are mated
The s’Hisbe starts trying to get Trez to come back
Blay and Saxton break up
Qhuinn saves Zsadist's life during a lessers attack
Assail and Sola meet after she starts spying on him on behalf of Benloise
Xcor finds out where the Compound is by following Layla
Payne saves Layla's pregnancy
Trez meets Selena for the first time
Qhuinn rescues his brother Luchas from the lessers
Trez and iAm move into the Compound
Qhuinn is inducted into the Brotherhood
Xcor agrees to  try and dethrone Wrath by attacking his marriage with Beth
Sola is kidnapped by Benloise
Xcor finds Layla again and finds out that his obsession with her, his love for her, is reciprocated.
Qhuinn and Blay are mated
Assail saves Sola and kills Benloise
Beth goes into her needing
The glymera removes Wrath from the throne
Sola leaves for Miami with her grandmother
Selena's illness starts hitting her hard
Beth persuades Wrath to divorce her so he can reclaim the throne
Wrath and Beth are married in the human way
Xcor and Layla strike a deal so he won't pursue the throne anymore and he won't raid the Compound
Beth finds out she's 4 months pregnant
Wrath nominates Abalone First Advisor and starts receiving people at Darius' house


Wrath abolishes the monarchy
Little Wrath is born

Wrath is elected King for life

Throe leaves the Band of Bastards to keep pursuing the throne. He temporarily stays at Abalone's house but then goes living with the female who fed the BoB (Naasha).
iAm sneaks in the Royal Palace to look for a cure for Selena but he's captured
Paradise starts working for Wrath at the audience house
Rhage starts having symptoms of survivor guilt regarding Mary
Layla finds out she's having twins.
iAm meets Catra (maichen) for the first time
s'Ex helps iAm to escape the Palace
Paradise and Craeg meet for the first time
Xcor severes his ties with Layla, afraid of the effect she has on him.
Assail kills the Fore Lesser to prove to Wrath he's not doing business with the lessers anymore
Selena dies after having spent her last days in happiness with Trez
s'Ex kills the Shadows Queen after she had their infant daughter assassinated
Paradise convinces her father to let her join the training program
iAm and Catra are mated

The Brownswick School for Girl (lessers HQ) is raided
Bitty's mother (Annalye) dies. Bitty is 13yo.
Rhage is shot during the raid but Mary manages to save him, using the Beast to heal him.
A human posts on Youtube a video of the fight at Brownswick.
Xcor is captured by the Brotherhood and taken to the Tomb in a coma-like state.
Assail starts working as a spy for the Brotherhood, infiltrating the aristocracy.
Jo Early, a human girl, starts investigating reports on assaults by vampires and meets with William Elliot, a journalist.
Rhage meets Bitty and instantly feels a connection with her.
After Xcor disappears, the Band of Bastards decide to wait and see if he returns and if he's not coming back they are going to go back to the Old Country.
Rhage and Mary decide to try and adopt Bitty.
Layla sends her spirit to the Sanctuary and finds out through her bowl that Xcor is being held at the Tomb. She also finds out that Xcor is Tohr's half-brother.
Naasha's hellren is found dead (probably killed by Throe).
Assail finds a blood slave named Markcus, prisoner in Naasha's basement and rescues him, taking him to the Compound.
Layla gives birth to Lyric and Rhampage. Lyric is dying but Payne saves her probably with the help of the Scribe Virgin.
Vishous finds out that the Scribe Virgin is gone (dead?). She has appointed a successor but doesn't tell a name.
Assail and Zsadist kill Naasha and burn her house to the ground.
Markcus goes living with Assail and his cousins.
Assail decides to detox.
Bitty goes living at the Mansion. Rhage and Mary are fostering her for six months, then they will adopt her.
William Elliot reveals to Jo that he investigated her and found her birth mother since she was adopted: it looks like she's Manny's sister.

A new class of trainees is selected through a process known as First Night: Paradise, Craeg, Peyton, Novo, Axwelle (Axe), Boone, Anslam
Craeg bonds with Paradise and they fall in love.
Craeg kills Anslam. He was trying to kill Paradise because she was going to find out he was the assassin of Peyton's cousin.

Craeg is made an aristocrat by the King. (it's announced at the Twelfth Month Festival Ball, which is on the first full moon of December)
Events from The Chosen
Elise's father finds out she's still going to school and wants to make her a sehcluded female.
Elise and Axe meet in a cigar club with the other trainees: they are instantly attracted to each other.


Rhage and Mary take Bitty to Haver's clinic to have a physical examination. In the middle of it, Rhage turns into the Beast because Bitty is hurting.
Axe starts working as Elise's bodyguard.
Ruhn, Bitty's uncle, shows up to reclaim her.
Elise tries to go on a date with her human professor but Axe follows her. After her "date", they kiss for the first time.
Peyton asks Novo to have sex with him but she refuses because she knows he actually wants Paradise.
Axe agrees to take Novo to The Keys, the sex club.
Vishous and Phury leave to verify Ruhn's background, where he lives and his suitability as a parent.
The trainees go on their first mission, looking for lessers in Caldwell with the Brotherhood. Axe ends up saving Rhage's life.
Peyton and Elise talk about Allishon, their dead cousin, how she lived and died. Elise learns about The Keys.
Axe brings Novo to The Keys and sponsor her for membership.
Ruhn and Bitty meet.
Peyton, Axe, Novo and Elise are attacked by lessers. Rhage comes to help and is shot, but he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Peyton is hurt and Novo feeds him her blood. 
Due to a misunderstanding, Elise thinks Axe had sex with Novo while they were together.
Ruhn decides against taking Bitty away. Instead he'll go live in the Mansion to be with her and let her stay with Rhage and Mary.
Elise breaks up with Axe
On New Year's Eve, Peyton brings Novo to Elise so she can tell her she never slept with Axe.
Elise apologizes to Axe for misjudging him and they get back together.

note: à rajouter les évènements de "the chosen" qui se déroule début décembre, donc avant le livre sur Axe et Elise

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